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Public Enemy Number 23

Britain today is a powerhouse of ideas, energy and enthusiasm. It can be compared to a young, powerful stallion; majestic, regal. However, un-harnessed and thus without proper control, all of that potential can go to waste. Even as the proud stallion is saddled and bridled so that it may be better guided by an experienced rider, so too must the energy of this Great Nation be guided by those of appropriate standing and experience.

There are those in this Great Nation who, for reasons beyond right thinking men, rail against this Natural Order. Selfishly, they seek personal freedoms over Order, Justice and Security for all. Their ill-considered, childish beliefs are tempting to those who, for reasons of mental unbalance and lack of proper breeding and education, subscribe to a fantastical and unrealistic utopian ideal. With proper discipline, medical treatments and rigorous physical exercise, similar to that found in the National Service of old, some can be returned to their rightful and productive place in Society. Others have sunk too low. They must be considered as an Enemy of Society and avoided at all costs, until the Proper Authorities can deal with them.

A prime example of the foe is the self-styled Misteraitch. Subversive to the end, he can be recognised by his stooped, bowed shoulders, his pale, unhealthy pallor, and his skeletal, malnourished frame. An object of pity, perhaps Madame? NO!

Good women beware! Men, be steadfast! Misteraitch’s squalid ‘artistic’ endeavours, pumped like bile into the streets and galleries of our Great Nation, mock and threaten the very Foundations of our Society, the very essence of Great Britain and its Allies.

Pay him no heed. Offer him no succour. He is the enemy, as are his benighted cohorts.

The Uninviting Kingdom Will Prevail!